Lessons FAQ

Everyone learns in a different way which is why Reflex Driving provides you with an individualised lesson plan designed to get you passing your test quickly and with complete confidence.

» So how does it work?

Our experienced instructors are trained to teach on an individual level, tailoring lessons to your needs and the skills you want to develop. They will want to know about any previous driving experience so they can get an idea of how many lessons you will probably need. Then they will work out with you how many lessons you can fit into a week. You can have as many lessons a week as you choose at whatever time you and your instructor agree.

» How many hours are recommended?

Our instructors normally recommend an average of 47 hours of tuition and 20 hours of private practice (DirectGov) before you take your Test.

» How are lessons structured?

It is recommended that you have 2 hour lessons to begin with. The first hour will involve learning new techniques with the second hour allowing you to practice what you have just learnt.

» What car will I be learning in?

Brand new Toyota Yaris.

» Where will I be picked up from/dropped off to?

A door-to-door service is provided in the catchment area as agreed with your driving instructor. This includes your school, work or home address.

» Do you cater for intensive courses, pass plus and refresher courses?

Yes, click here for further information.